Wall Slice

Slice Narrow Target
To help w/ direction one can extend swing forward.
Having a narrow wall target helps w/ this.
P (player) can drop feed the ball to himself initially.
Then a Slice rally is possible.
How long a consecutive rally can you have ? (hitting the target)

Slice Speed/Distance Training
The slice target will be above the 1st line (approx. 4 feet) and below the 2nd line (approx. 10 feet)
This deters the slice from turning into a lob.
P can drop the ball and slice it at the wall.
Gradually back up from the wall.
To get the distance, P can step in (right foot steps forward just before contact)
The speed of the swing also needs to increase.
Try to keep the arm stable. For example, the elbow shouldn’t come up.
The racquet is moving along a high to low path.