Wall Serve

Tennis Court (baseline to net): 39ft
Tennis Court (baseline to baseline): 78ft
Tennis Court (baseline to opposite Service Line): 60ft
Racquetball Court: 40ft
Squash court: 32 feet

Wall Serve
Given the racquetball dimensions above, to simulate an Ad Court Serve, stand near the left back corner, and serve diagonally to the front right corner.
Aim for high on the wall.
Aim even higher on the squash court.
Simulate the Deuce court serve by serving to the left-front corner (Server is near the right-back corner.)

Nested Corner Targets
You need 2 red, 2 green, 2 yellow cones (any colors …)
Place 1 red cone on each side of the front right wall corner (1 foot from the corner.)
Place 1 orange cone on each side of the corner (3 feet from the corner)
Place 1 yellow cone on each side (5 feet from the corner)
Score 5pts for a Serve that hits the wall between the red; 2pts, if between the orange, 1pt if between the yellow.

2 Corner Game Simulation
Place same-colored cones on each side of the 2 front/far corners, say 7 feet to the side.
(of course, you don’t have to use cones … any target items will do.)
The Serve must travel between the cones.
Depending on the age/strength of P (player) you add a distance constraint.
For example: U10 must hit the wall above the 1st line.; U9 just needs to hit the wall in the air.
Alternate serving to each front corner.
The left corner simulates the Deuce court serve.
The right corner simulates the Ad court serve.
You get 2 chances to get your Deuce corner serve in.
Then you switch to the Ad corner.
Use real scoring (15-Love etc.) or just play 1st to 4pts, win by 2pts.
You win a game if you get 4pts. You could play multiple games (1st to win 4 games for eg.)
You opponent is the wall. The wall’s name is “Wally” or “Walter”.