Wall Bump Up

A nice progression when playing against the wall is to bump the ball up and let it bounce before hitting the next shot. So ie. the ball bounces off the wall, and then hits the ground for the 1st time: then, before it hits the ground a 2nd time, P (player) bumps it up (vertically.) Bumping gives P time to prepare for his next shot. Of course the Bump-Up itself may need to be practised.

The key to bumping up is to orient the racquet like a frying pan (on the stove.) And then push purely upwards (extend upwards) somewhat gently.

Bump-Up on the Dot
Use a flat dot on the ground as a target.
P bumps-up the ball to about shoulder height and tries to get the ball to land on the dot.

Bump-Up on the Dot w/ Shuffling
P must shuffle to the left (and later to the right) after every bump-up.
P ends up circling the dot ideally.