Wall Start Rally

The 1st shot against the wall is an open faced tap.
There’s not much follow-thru to this shot. Nothing like the rainbow.
It needs to go fairly high and soft, so that the player has time to prepare for the next shot.
The player starts sideways.
The ball needs to be dropped in front of the player.
If it’s a progressive ball that doesn’t bounce much, drop it from a higher position (hold your hand higher.)

Softest Start Rally
Often the student needs to master this shot 1st (before any rallying can occur.)
Place a marker away from the wall.
The Start Rally shot is not allowed to land beyond that marker.
Gradually move the marker closer to the wall.

Start Rally into Basket
Place a basket (or several baskets/containers) near the wall.
P (player) must loft the ball, so that it hits high on the wall and then bounces into the basket.