Saving Jail

To save Jail, we need to 1st reduce idleness. We do this by making Jail active, and by shortening queue length.

1.Active Jail
As an alternative to kids standing around, set up the Jail as an activity with a task. When the task is completed the kids are back in the game-proper.
Activity examples:
a)Start Rally at Target [basket etc.]
b)Start Volley at Target [basket etc.]
c)Throw/Serve at Target [cones etc.]
d)Consecutive Bump-Ups / Volley-Ups
e)Racquet Tricks
f)Bump-Up Rally Against Wall

1b.Some kids start in Jail
This reduces queue size, and since the Jail is active, it is not a problem. Often kids gleefully volunteer to start in Jail.

1c.Jail is a FIFO (first-in first-out)
Instead of emptying the Jail, when some kid has a k-Rally with a Coach (or some task standard,) free only the first kid that entered Jail (the kid who’s been there the longest.) Or let the task-completer choose a prisoner to free by tagging them. Also have Coach’s choice sometimes (to get the kid who’s stuck in Jail back in the game.)

1d.Raise the Bar
Since Jail is active and a worthwhile place to go to practise something, it is not a problem to send more kids there. So raise the standard/challenge for staying out of Jail.

2.Multiple Queues
Use other coaches (or parents) to run multiple queues. Kids can be sent off to Jail from any queue.

2b.Double-Column Feeding
Coach/Parent feeds quickly to 2 queues (1 hits FH, 1 hits BH for eg.)

The other tinkering we can do to Jail to improve its value from a coaching perspective is:
No Bunting, Whacking or Slapping
Typically you are sent to Jail if you are unable to have a k-Rally with the Coach (or unable to hit the ball over the net from a feed.) Kids will often resort to bunting the ball (just to get the damn thing over.) Change it up and add a teaching topic to the requirement. For example, kids need to get Setup before the feed bounces, or off to Jail they go. Kids need to have a smooth swing (longer Hitting Zone etc.)