Kick Serve

Slingshot Kick (right-handed example)
This is a progression towards a Kick Serve.
There is no ball toss.
Hold ball in left hand and place the ball against the racquet’s strings.
Bring racquet and ball behind head. The strings are facing the back of the head.
Ball is still in contact w/ strings.
Racquet face is neutral (not too open or closed.)
Move the racquet upwards and rub or brush the back of the ball.
This imparts a forward spin on the ball.
After the racquet has moved upwards, you can then pronate the right arm.
Pronation has the racquet facing to the right.

Chair Slingshot
First do the Slingshot Kick while sitting in a chair.
Simulate an Ad court serve by placing the chair diagonal to the right service box.
The chair faces the right sideline (ie. it’s not facing the net.)

Chair Kick
Sit in a chair as in the “Chair Slingshot”.
Prior to the Toss, the racquet hand is already in the cocking phase, ie. post-checkmark w/ the elbow up and the racquet head down.
Toss the ball above the head.
It’s ok to toss even a little left and back of the head, since it’s more difficult to have the racquet follow the default serving path.
The racquet moves upward as in the Kick Slingshot.

Assisted Kick
The coach moves the racquet for the student.
The coach optionally tosses the ball.

Brush the Hair
The student preps the racquet by putting it behind their head.
Tell the student this is how the ball feels in a Kick Serve.
With the racquet face/strings brush up the back of their head several times.

Hit the Ceiling
Exaggerate the sense of “upness” (racquet moving upwards) by getting the student to target the ceiling w/ their serve.
Or any sort of high target.
Sitting in a chair in front of a high net is a great idea.

Kneeling Serve