(see the key as needed)

BIGS (Gr 3-6, possibly Gr 2):
The goal is to get the kids rallying or bump-up rallying in pairs. In fact, playing little mini-matches.
They need 3/4 primary skills for that:

  • Bump-Up the Ball
  • Push or Minimum Take-Back FH (has a follow-thru;semi-closed face)
  • Start Rally Shot (min follow-thru,soft,open-faced)
  • Bump-Up (to Self) + Push FH

Sample 1st Class:
Pair Feed + Bump-Up + Catch [1st-to-k]
Pair Start Rally + Bump-Up + Catch [1st-to-k]
Pair Feed + Push FH + Catch [1st-to-k]
Pair Feed + Bump-Up + Push FH + Catch [1st-to-k]

ALT: Pair Feed + Push FH + Catch [1st-to-k]
ALT: You can always swap Trapping in for Bump-Up to boost confidence

LITTLES (Kintergarten,Gr 1, possible Gr 2):
There is a general goal of establishing racquet and ball comfort and coordination.

The 4 primary skills above are key, but there are some easier prep skills. Bump-Up, for example, is quite difficult for the LITTLES. As is the Start Rally. So early on you can work skills like:

  • Ball Carrying
  • Trapping
  • Flicking
  • Start Volley

There is also a dream goal to get the kids rallying in pairs, but rallying could mean that only 1 kid has a racquet at a time. The other would be heaving the ball 2-handed and sideways (like a groundstroke swing.)

Sample 1st Class:
Ball Carry (w/ Racquet) + Handoff Race
Pair Feed + Trap [1st-to-k]
Pair Flick (or: Start Volley) + Trap [1st-to-k]
Pair Start Rally + Trap [1st-to-k]
Pair Feed + Push FH + Catch [1st-to-k]

ALT: Train Ball Carry