For the indoor season (or off-weather summer), I teach private lessons at Kinsmen (across from downtown.)
Kinsmen Tennis court rates follow. (Cash, cheque, or e-cheque works.)
Greenfield Rates are here: Greenfield Rates

Private Lesson (2016 Kinsmen Rate):
1-person Private: $65
2-person Private: $75
3-person Private: $85
4-person Private: $95

Cost includes $25 Kinsmen court fee.
Kinsmen has a 48 hour cancellation policy, so clients would cover ($25) any cancellations occurring inside of 48 hours.

The procedure is as follows: We find a day/time that works. I book the court. You show up at Kinsmen and tell the folks at the desk you have a tennis class with Chris. You make your way to the lower level, where you’ll find the tennis courts.

Note, depending on the particular situation, there is a $55 ($15 court fee) alternative-space option for some beginner private lessons.