Keep head and body still. Minimally lift off ground.

Progression 1
Prior to using a rope, do the particular skipping exercise just w/ your feet.

Progression 2
Do the particular skipping exercise w/ No Rope like Progression 1, but “Shadow Skip”, ie. move arms as if you’re holding rope.

Progression 3
Like Progression 2, but hold something in each hand. You could use a pair of gloves or socks, or 2 short ropes.

Progression 4: Assisted Skipping
You need a longer rope for this. You can tie one end of the rope to something. Someone holds the other end and turns the rope. The student does the hopping, but doesn’t have to manage the rope turning.

Consistency Skip (no unforced errors)
Both feet leave ground at same time, and land at same time
Feet leave ground minimally to save energy
Keep head still
Stand on a line, ie. don’t skip all over the place
Do this for k seconds or k minutes w/ minimal errors/misses

Hop Over Line
2 skips on one side of a line
Then land on other side of line, w/ 2 skips on that side.
Then land on initial side …
Again: minimal mistakes in k secs/mins

Fast Feet
Use “Fast Feet” between skips.

Skip w/ 1 foot only.