Moving GS

6 Cone Call-Out
You have 6 colored cones.
The cones are arranged in 2 parallel rows (3 cones per row.)
The rows are about 12 feet apart.
The cones (within a row) are about 4 feet apart.
Between the 2 rows is a single flat dot or cheese.
P (player) starts on the dot.
Coach calls out a color and P (player) moves towards that cone.
On the way, P begins his “C” preparation for either a FH/BH, depending on which side the cone is on.
P’s racquet should be at the top of the “C” by the time he anchors ship near the appropriate cone.
P must setup in such a way so that when he swings, the contact point would be above the cone.

Moving Hand Feeds w/ Step-In
Coach stands in front of P, who is facing the net/wall.
Coach lofts the ball to P’s left (ie. to the right-hander’s BH.)
P must start his “C” immediately and continue “C” prep as he moves.
The “C” includes the right shoulder moving left.
P’s final step is is a step forward w/ the right foot.
Just after the step, the swing is initiated, and the racquet makes contact w/ the ball.
Start w/ feeds requiring minimal movement, and advance to feeds requiring forward/backward, and lateral movement.

Note: P could actually feed himself.