Body GS

The idea is to use bigger parts of the body (legs,torso,core,shoulders) instead of arms and wrists. We want to be able to generate “easy power” from the baseline. We want to be able to send routine “rally balls” deep to the opponent’s side. The bread and butter baseline shot can be called a “Lift”: a low to high swing, though if you use the “C” racquet path, it will be: high to low to high. The balls should have a nice rainbow trajectory, easily clearing the net, so that they are relatively safe. The balls’s are of sufficient depth and pace to neutralize the opponent (not likely to hurt you w/ his next shot.)
The below reinforce the use of the body.

Weight Swing
Swing weight w/ 2 hands to train the body FH and BH.
The FH would be swing like a left-hander’s 2HBH (for the right-hander)
The weight needs to be heavy enough so that you are more likely to turn your torso, rather than swing your arms.
You turn your torso, and then finish by turning your shoulders.
Keep your head still.

Reverse Racquet Swing
The racquet is held like a guitar w/ the head of the racquet trapped under the inside arm.
This helps the shoulders turn together (not 1 arm in isolation.)
Great for a large group, since they already have a racquet.

Band Pull
Attach band to something at say knee level.
Pull hand low to high w/ 2 hands.

Medicine Ball Heave

Chair Swing
Not a crazy as it sounds.
The chair has weight, which is a good thing.
Best if I post a picture for this …

Crutch Swing
Crutches are long and thus can easily be tucked under the dominant arm.
This makes the turning, and thus, both arms moving together, almost inherent.
Better than the reverse racquet above, but crutches are not always at hand …

Heavy Racquet Swing
Use a weighted racquet and shadow body swing it.
The orange dot is literally strung to the racquet’s strings, and adds about 150 grams of weight to the head end of the racquet. This tool can actually be used to hit a ball, most particularly, to volley a ball.
heavy racquet

Test Image elsewhere
the very latest attempt