RRT Details

Location: 3803 114 Street

Red and Orange Ball
Arrive: 8:45pm
Matches Start: 9am sharp
Event ends: approx. Noon
The Red event is getting merged into the Orange, although there will still be a separate Red winner.

Orange ball will be played on a 3/4 court. Due to the healthy # of registrants, and to reduce inactivity, we will create two 3/4 courts per real court, by using the width right out to the net poles.

Due to the resulting slightly narrower Orange court, we will have a single service box. 1st Serve *must* be Overhand and from the 3/4 baseline. 2nd serve can optionally be an underhand drop-bounce & hit. You may move forward to the Service Line for the underhand option. The underhand 2nd serve may not be used as a weapon.

10+,12+ Green Dot
Arrive: 12:45pm
Matches Start: 1pm sharp
Event end: approx. 4pm

The 12+ Green Dot is getting merged into the 10+ Green Dot tournament, although we will have official 10+ and 12+ champs. This is due to limited registrations in the 12+.

All matches are timed. The match is over when the whistle blows, although if the ball is in play, you can complete the point. The tournament director, or an on-court supervisor may over-rule an incorrect line call by a player.