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Age Groups

U9: Turning 8 or 9 in 2018 (born in or after 2009)
U10: Turning 10 in 2018 (born in or after 2008)
U12: Turning 11 or 12 (born in or after 2006)
U14: Turning 13 or 14 (born in or after 2004)
U16: Turning 15 or 16 (born in or after 2002)
U18: Turning 17 or 18 (born in or after 2000)

Junior Racquets

Sweet Spot (109 Street) has higher quality junior racquets as described below.

Solid Racquets

These are graphite racquets that are just shorter (and smaller gripped) versions of the adult 27″ size. As you shift to a green dot level, you might want to consider these.

Semi Solid Racquets

These are a hybrid of graphite and aluminum. You can actually get these at the 23″ length (25/26″ as well.) They are a step up from the aluminum-only introductory racquets. You want at least this quality as you shift to green dot ball tennis, as the cheaper (strictly aluminum) racquets can be somewhat flimsy.


Shoulder Rotators
Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, and Teres minor

[Angular movement: the angle is shrinking]
Elbow: bending
Hand: clenching a fist
Knees: sitting

Legs: Standing



Static Stretching

These can be used for your cool-down.

Slow Jog

Posterior Shoulder Stretch / Cross-Arm Stretch
[Shoulder Rotators; Scapula (Upper Back); right arm description]
Stand and hold your right arm straight out in front of you.
Place left hand behind your right elbow.
Pull across your body w/ your left hand.
Trunk should not rotate.
To stabibize the scapula (more effective stretch) place outside of right shoulder and scapula against something.

Sleeper Stretch
[Shoulder Rotators; Scapula (Upper back); right arm description]
Lie on your right side.
Your right arm is out to the side making a right angle (forearm points upwards)
Use your left hand, push your right arm down (ie. towards the floor) in the direction of your feet.
Hold for 20-30 secs.
(you can stabilize your right shoulder by pressing w/ your chin)

Forearm Flexor Stretch
[Forearm Flexors, Pronators; right arm desc]
Hold right arm out in front of you straight w/ palm up.
Use left hand to push right hand downwards (Extension)
Do not bend at elbow.

Forearm Extensor Stretch
[Forearm Extensors, Supinators; right arm desc]
Hold right arm out in front of you straight w/ palm down.
Use left hand to push right hand downwards (Flexion)
Do not bend at elbow.

Hamstring Stretch
[Hamstrings, Gluteals; right leg desc]
Lie on back.
Raise right leg to form a 90deg angle at the right hip.
Straighten leg at knee and pull toward the trunk.
Flex foot, pulling toes towards your face to increase stretch.

Hamstring Superstretch
[Hamstrings, Calves; right arm desc]
Place right leg on a stable surface such as table, chair.
Slowly bend forward at the waist, bring trunk toward your thigh.
Flex foot, pulling toes towards your face to increase stretch.

Quad Stretch
[Quads, Hip Flexors; right leg desc]
Stand on left leg.
Bend right knee and reach behind to grab foot/ankle w/ right hand.
Pull your heel toward your butt.
Point kneed straight down toward the ground.
Do not twist your leg.

Seated Groin Stretch
[Groin, Inner Thigh]
Sit w/ the bottoms of your feet together: knees out, holding your toes.
Gently lean forward, bending from the hips, bringing the chest toward the feet.
Use elbows to gently push knees toward the ground.
Do not “round” back.

Hip Twist
[Lateral Hip Muscles, Lower Back; right leg desc]
Lie on back w/ knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Arms out to the side to stabilize upper back.
Place left ankle outside your right knee.
Use left leg to pull your right leg toward the floor, until you feel a stretch along the outside of your right hip or lower back.
Keep upper back and shoulders flat against the floor.

Piriformis Stretch
[Piriformis; right leg desc]
Lie on back w/ left knee bent.
Place right ankle just above the left knee.
Slowly bring the left knee toward the chest.
You will feel the stretch in the right butt.

Hip Rotator Stretch
[Hip Rotators, Lateral Hip, Thigh ; right leg desc]
Lie on your back w/ arms out to sides, and legs straight.
Lift the right leg to 90deg.
Allow it to lower across the left leg. Left hand can help.
The left leg will rotate so that it’s knee is facing sideways.
Keep trunk and shoulders on the floor.

Illiotibial Band Stretch
[Illiotibial; right leg desc]
Stand w/ your right hand on a wall.
Right leg is ~ 3 feet from the wall.
Left leg is crossed over the right.
Push right hip towards the wall.
Increase stretch by using right hand’s fingers for contact (instead of palm.)
Increase stretch by standing farther away.

Calf Stretch
[Calf (Gastrocnemius,Soleus); right leg desc]
Stand on a step/stairs w/ your heels sticking out beyond the step.
Lower your right heel until you feel a calf stretch.
Hold for a few seconds.

Knees to Chest Stretch
[Lower Back, Gluteals]
Lie on back w/ knees bent.
Grasp legs just below knees.
Bring knees toward your chest.
Hold for 20-30 seconds.
Now shift to leg-individually.
Leave left leg straight on the ground and grab/pull right knee towards chest.
Now other leg.

Spinal Twist
[Lower Back, Hip Rotators; right side stretch]
Seated, and w/ right leg straight and on the ground.
Bend the left knee and place the left ankle outside of the right knee.
Bring right arm around the left knee.
Slowly turn the trunk and shoulders to the left, looking over the left shoulder.
(I’m feeling a lot of left side stretch here …)


Keep head and body still. Minimally lift off ground.

Progression 1
Prior to using a rope, do the particular skipping exercise just w/ your feet.

Progression 2
Do the particular skipping exercise w/ No Rope like Progression 1, but “Shadow Skip”, ie. move arms as if you’re holding rope.

Progression 3
Like Progression 2, but hold something in each hand. You could use a pair of gloves or socks, or 2 short ropes.

Progression 4: Assisted Skipping
You need a longer rope for this. You can tie one end of the rope to something. Someone holds the other end and turns the rope. The student does the hopping, but doesn’t have to manage the rope turning.

Consistency Skip (no unforced errors)
Both feet leave ground at same time, and land at same time
Feet leave ground minimally to save energy
Keep head still
Stand on a line, ie. don’t skip all over the place
Do this for k seconds or k minutes w/ minimal errors/misses

Hop Over Line
2 skips on one side of a line
Then land on other side of line, w/ 2 skips on that side.
Then land on initial side …
Again: minimal mistakes in k secs/mins

Fast Feet
Use “Fast Feet” between skips.

Skip w/ 1 foot only.

Dynamic Stretches

Knees and hips slightly fixed w/ the torso relatively upright and facing forward.

(Shoulders, Chest, Upper Back)
Arms Forward in Large Circles, as you jog across court
Arms Backward in Large Circles, …
Repeat for a total of 2 or 3 repetitions

(Shoulders, Chest, Upper Back)
Athletic Stance
Start w/ arms out to sides at shoulder height
Swing arms forward and basically hug yourself, and then back at
shoulder height until you feel stretch in front of shoulders/chest.

(Lower Legs, Trunk)
Athletic Stance
One leg crosses in front, then behind
Then other leg

Place hands on back of bum.
Jog towards opposite sideline. exaggerating the knee bend of the heel-to-bum motion.
Try to touch your heels to your hands.
Go to opposite sideline, and then back, at least.

(Groin, Hips)
Start w/ Athletic Stance.
Take a large step sideways, keeping stationary leg straight.
(Stationary leg is not bent ie. but is ~ 45deg angled.)
Bend (ie. lunge) stepping leg until you feel stretch in the groin.
Lunge knee should not extend past its toes.
Hold for 2 or 3 seconds.
Return to athletic stance: bring straight leg back under your body.
Repeat across court.
Reverse leg roles and head back to start.

(Gluteals, Hamstrings, Quads)
Take a large step forward w/ 1 leg, while maintaining an upright posture & looking straight ahead.
Ensure that the knee is properly aligned & moving directly in line w/ 2nd toe.
Twist/turn the trunk left, then right. Keep head straight.
Optionally “pray” up or forward as you turn/twist.
Alternate legs.

(Groin, Hips)
Start w/ back towards the opposite sideline.
Lift 1 knee. Rotate the hip so that the knee points out toward the side.
Step backwards as if you were trying to clear a hurdle, as you step.
You should feel the stretch in the groin and hip region.

(Hips, Trunk, Lower Extremities)
Bring 1 knee up and Hug it into the chest
Straighten other knee and up on toes
Take small hop forward (while hugging leg) and land on same foot
Return hug leg to ground
Alternate to other leg
Make your way across court
Repeat for a total of 2 or 3 repetitions

(Hips, Trunk, Lower Extremities, Hip Flexors, Quads)
Bring 1 knee up and Hug it into the chest
Straighten other knee and up on toes
Take small hop forward and land on same foot
Return Hug leg to the ground
Immediately take a large step forward directly into a Lunge
Hold for 1 or 2 seconds
Stand up after holding lunge, driving up w/ the front leg
Repeat, as you proceed across court

(Hamstrings, Gluteals: flexibility/balance)
Stand on 1 leg & bend forward at the waist
Keep the leg on ground slightly bent
Bend forward until you feel a stretch in the hamstrings of the ground leg
Keep back flat & avoid twisting
Elevate raised leg, holding it in line w //your body. Hold 2 or 3 seconds.
Bring raised leg down and step back.
Alternate legs, and make your way backwards across court.

Could do this w/ side-shuffling, then into the the stretch.

(Groin, Hips)
Stand on 1 leg.
Lift the other leg, and cradle it.
Turn the knee outward, while lifting upward on the ankle.
This rotates the hip w/ a stretch in the deep rotators of the hip.
Rise up onto the toes of the other leg
Release cradled leg and repeat w/ the other leg

(Hamstrings, Gluteals, Lower Back)
Hold arms straight out in front
Swing 1 leg forward and up, trying to keep it straight
Try to touch toes w/ the opposite hand.
As soon as you feel a stretch, pull the leg down using your hip & gluteal muscles.
Forcefully strike the ground w/ the front part of your foot.
Repeat w/ opposite leg, making your way across the court.

(Hips, Trunk)
Bring right knee toward your chest, while rotating your trunk to the right, so that the right knee nearly touches the left elbow.
(ie. Leg goes 1 way: arms go the other way)
Bring leg down & repeat w/ opposite leg.

(Trunk, Hips, Shoulders)
Elevate arms to shoulder height and gently rotate the arms
from 1 side to the other, by twisting the trunk.
Trunk turns clockwise: arms turn clockwise
Then go other direction.

(Trunk, Hips, Shoulders)
Elevate arms to shoulder height and gently rotate the arms
from 1 side to the other, by twisting the trunk.
Gradually lower the body by bending the knees into a Lunge.
Pivot on the balls of the feet.
Perform twists to both sides.

(Hip Flexors)
Take a large step back w/ right leg into Lunge position.
Twist the torso to the left (counterclockwise) reaching w/ the left
hand toward the right heel.
Return torso to resting position.
Stand up while driving up w/ the front leg.
Now take a step back w/ the left leg.